The Strypes, I Like These Young Guys

They may be teenage boys, but they surely are not a “Boy Band“. These young guys will rock your socks off.

The Strypes are 4-piece rhythm and blues band hailing from Cavan, Ireland, formed in 2011 by Ross Farrelly (lead vocals/harmonica), Josh McClorey (lead guitar/vocals), Pete O’Hanlon (bass guitar/harmonica) and Evan Walsh (drums).  From their website Bio

I found them a few months ago via an article in Rolling Stone, and they immediately found space in the Robert J Program  playlist. While they certainly haven’t brought us anything “New”, they’ve taken old and made it fresh. They are pure in the sense that the Stones, Animals, and Yardbirds of the early sixties were pure. Instead of seeking to destroy what came before, these teen rockers have come to honor it.

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