Psychedelic Blue Ox: ‘The Rainbow’s Tail’ EP

The Rainbow’s Tail is a soon to be released EP by Liverpool band, Psychedelic Blue Ox.Psychedelic Blue Ox Listening will stir up memories in us Boomers, of that time when elements of Psychedelic music were slowly morphing into Metal and Prog. PBO wear their influences on their sleeves as they bring us a “Neo Psychedelic” blend of sounds.  It’s not that they set out to mimic any of their Rock heroes, (and they don’t) yet, for me recognizing the influences was inescapable.  As I closed my eyes, I could audiolize   fleeting sounds of (In no particular order): Jack Bruce, Pink Floyd, Spirit, Vanilla Fudge, H.P. Lovecraft, Blue Cheer, and many other sounds that were simultaneously  familiar and fresh.

The EP contains four songs, that each have their own personality.  From the Fuzz laden opening riff of  Slipping Away Slipping Down, to the ethereal Lullaby of The title Track, The Rainbow’s Tail, we are taken on an auditory journey, born out of philosophy, and life’s experience.  Life Is What You Make It and Sleep’s Silent Dreams both bring haunting harmonies that drift in, out, and around the instruments.

Psychedelic Blue Ox is currently a Duo (Colin Ives and Alan Crawford) who are auditioning members to fill out a band to play their material on stage. They write songs, uninhibited by commercial radio’s time restrictions. Unfortunately, they’ve had to edit some down to get airplay. Shame on You Commercial Radio!  The Rainbow’s Tail EP is the beginning of a full length album that they hope to complete by years end. You may hear them here:  PBO Bandcamp Page The official release date for this EP is July, 26, 2014

Listen to an interview with PBO on the Robert J Program. Wednesday, July 23 at 5 PM GMT, 11 AM Pacific on HFM Hemel



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