Haven’t I heard That Before?

Over the years, we have seen stories in the news of recording artists being sued for stealing the work of other artists. Sometimes it’s frivolous. Part of a song may contain a rhythm that sounds like another, or a line of a song may be borrowed form a song that is legitimately listed as traditional.

People are inspired by what they’ve heard or seen. After all there are only so many notes, right? Check out these two videos from YouTube, and see if they sound familiar.

Muddy Waters sings “You Need Love” Written by Willie Dixon

Small Faces did You Need Loving  (Did this vocal influence anybody?)

Willie Dixon eventually sued Led Zepelin, and settled out of court. There is an excellent article about the Lawsuit, etc from Turn Me On Dead Man, Internet Radio. Interesting that Dixon chose not to sue Small Faces, but went for the deep pockets.


Jake Holmes, a Folk singer who opened for the Yardbirds in Geenwich Village in 1967, wrote Dazed and Confused, which is on his debut album, “The Overground Sound of Jake Holmes”.  

The Yardbirds were impressed enough to make the song their own. Here is a performance of Dazed and Confused by The Yardbirds, with Jimmy Page on Guitar

Just Sayin’…

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